Acceleration / Co-Innovation / Co-Investment

acccoi partners are passionate to accelerate business outcome and grow company value in the areas of B2B & technology.

acccoi partners support clients and companies in business acceleration, co-innovation as well as in co-investment.

acccoi partners provide the entrepreneurial know-how and operational experience from a European and US perspective to help grow successful companies.

acccoi partners have
started more than 10 companies in B2B/IT/Technology,
founded and sold Vienna based SolveDirect Service Management to Cisco Systems Inc. (San Jose, CA),
managed professional and Business Angel investments,
built and managed startup accelerator and the Co-Innovation programs with leading corporations and their industry partners in EMEAR – and accelerated 22 Start Up's in 24 months,
always worked with a holistic, 'hands-on' management approach.

100 years business
25 years in leading
50 enthusiastic


acccoi supports early stage companies and corporations with business acceleration, co-innovation and co-investment in B2B and technology areas to grow their business and valuation.
Scaleway Accelerator

Struggling to achieve relevant market traction is the number one reason why Startups fail. As a solution, we developed the SCALEWAY Accelerator – a Sales focused Accelerator that helps later-stage Startups in the B2B Technology sector to
reduce their Go-to-Market time,
acquire new paying customers,
enable an international Roll-Out.

The 22-week long program consists of three Phases:
Preparation Phase to evaluate and establish mature Sales capabilities
Acceleration Phase to execute sales activities and rapidly grow your customer base
Post-acceleration Phase to sustainably integrate the proven sales engine

acccoi provides over 60 years combined B2B Sales and marketing know-how, gained within corporate environments, as well as during their time as entrepreneurs with two successful exits.

Click and read more about acccoi's SCALEWAY Accelerator:

acccoi's SCALEWAY Accelerator

Individual Acceleration for business growth

Business acceleration is the process of support for early stage companies to achieve rapid business growth.

acccoi offers holistic assessment and hands-on (interim) management to support A-round companies in:
Strategy, Business Development, GTM, Sales,
Marketing, Partners/Channels, Roll Out, Product and Pricing,
SW Architecture, Roadmap, Operations & Integration,
Business Model, Funding/Investment, General Management.

acccoi provides the entrepreneurial international know-how and operational experience combined with interim management from an European and US perspective to help passionate founders and their teams to grow successful companies.

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acccoi's Acceleration Radar


Touch your business future – with your ecosystem:
Corporations and governmental organizations are starting to embrace open innovation: Co-innovation – the way to leverage your ecosystem for innovation – is becoming an additional element in their innovation strategy.

We offer:
acccoi designs and executes 'corporate accelerators' and 'Co-Innovation' programs along the 'industry value chain' in ecosystems. Main target is to build innovative new business for all participants by developing 'joint use cases' with new technology in short- and mid-term time frame. Subsequently acccoi supports the creation of joint ventures, proof of concepts for new technologies, license agreements and – in some cases – investments and acquisitions.

Click and read more about acccoi's Co-Innovation programs:

acccoi's Co-Innovation programs

Co-Innovation (video 2min)
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Accelerator program Cisco (video 2min)
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Money matters ...
Financial sourcing and appropriate growth focused management mix well in acccoi's acceleration activities. Accordingly, acccoi's partners prepare and manage strategic financial company investments together with VCs and funds as needed to source expansion and growth. Moreover acccoi partners may involve as active board members.

Trotz meiner jahrelangen Erfahrung ist es essentiell für das Agro Innovation Lab, die Experten von acccoi Partners an unserer Seite zu haben. Mit ihrer langjährigen Erfahrung mit dem Bauen von corporate Accelerators und als Entrepreneurs bringen sie die perfekte Mischung zwischen corporate und startup.
Martin and Thomas are all about "creativity & hustle" two vital ingredients to get to market. Our deep thanks to both for the live Cisco EIR master classes in how to elevate our game and make customers love what we do.
Martin Bittner hat als Mentor für das Global Incubator Network das erste Startup erfolgreich nach Österreich gebracht. Ohne seine profunde Expertise, seine jahrelange Erfahrung und seinen Einsatz wäre dies nicht gelungen.
In addition to their high professional level, we were really impressed by the personal care and motivation of the acccoi team. They put a piece of their "heart" in our project considering it like QualityLine was their own. The investment and time are more than worth it and I would recommend the acccoi later-stage acceleration program to every startup!
Martin and Thomas have been one of the main drivers of Taggalo's success through the ChallengeUp! program and a continuous source of inspiration related to the way growth of B2B businesses shall be executed.
The experience that Martin, Thomas and their colleagues created for us is one I'd recommend to all entrepreneurs. Their level of engagement was as strong as I've ever seen in such a program — both valuable and enjoyable.

Our team

Let's grow your business together! acccoi is powered by people, who bring more than 20 years experience in acceleration of startups and leading in management.
acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Thomas R. Werner
Thomas Werner
Managing Partner
Marketing/GTM/Products, Partnerships, Roll-Out


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Martin Bittner
Martin Bittner
Strategy, Business Development, GTM/Sales


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Marcus Oppitz
Marcus Oppitz
SW Architecture, Roadmap, Operations & Integration


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Leo Gruber
Leo Gruber
Associate Partner
Business Model, Funding/Investment, General Management


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Theresa Stadler
Theresa Stadler
Program Manager


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Stephan Scipal
Stephan Scipal
Sales Consultant, Arttag Co-Founder


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Sophie Bittner
Sophie Bittner
Communication Consultant


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Sophie Bittner
If you are interested in joining our dynamic and passionate Team, please send us your CV at


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